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Asymmetrical | Mismatched Earrings


One of a kind, sassy and ready to play. These gorgeous OOAK Asymmetrical | Mismatched Earrings are the trend in today’s fashion world. What do you do with mismatched earrings you ask? Read more to find out the secret!


Asymmetrical | Mismatched Earrings

How Asymmetrical | Mismatched Earrings were born!!

Asymmetrical | Mismatched Earrings story – long version – John was returning from a long trip, and we had made plans to go out for a good evening.  We spent most of the night on the dance floor. And suddenly I discovered, too late, that one of my Sterling Silver hoops was missing. After much futile searching, we went home and I pouted about it all night long. After all, it was one of my very favorites and expensive to boot!!

The next morning I ventured out for a snack and the restaurant owner leaned over and told me how much he loved “my earring.” I forgot I even had it on, but the more I walked around with just one hoop in, the more everyone seemed to think it was intentional. In fact, I got more compliments on the single hoop than I ever had for the matching pair.

This was not the first time I had misplaced an earring. I referred to the survivors lovingly as orphans, and before I knew it, I was wearing imperfect asymmetrical sets all the time. I was not alone. Anyone  who has ever lost a hoop on the dance floor is  probably right now enjoying their very own set.  The mismatched-earring trend is everywhere now and I think it might be here to stay!!

As a jewelry designer, I felt compelled to join the crowd and  offer my interpretation of the Asymmetrical  Earring.

My Asymmetrical | Mismatched Earrings are one of a kind and created using Sterling Silver and Argentium Silver.  I personally hand cut the metal and wire used in this design. The Sterling Silver and Argentium wire surface has been gently hammered and formed  as well as stamped with my favorite spiral stamp. Sterling metal was cut to size, dapped and formed prior to soldering it to the wire surface. My designs are organic in appearance, therefore this Asymmetrical Mismatched pair is no exception. You will notice texture, design and shapes all define this special pair of earrings as organic and I hope you enjoy them. In addition to texturing, a patina is added to enhance the beauty and reflect the light in the small  crevices. 

In summary, the earrings hang approximately 2 1/2 inches from the top of the sterling silver ear wire and are 3/4 wide at the widest part. 

I personally love this style and why wouldn’t I? I am a Gemini after all and twins are my sign — not identical twins however, so they fit right in. Great conversation starters for you or your mom, friend, aunt, grandma or yourself – you choose.

**Pictures are enlarged to show detail so please be aware of the published sizes of the products.

All of my jewelry designs are nickel and zinc free. This is definitely a win-win for all allergy sufferers. 

Your jewelry is packaged in my signature gift box complete with satin ribbon. All of my packages are sent USPS with tracking and I will notify you via email when it ships.

I will continue to build my business based on integrity and quality. I want to make sure that my customers are happy and satisfied with their purchases. 

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns:


I will respond within 1 business day. My work is all guaranteed as per my policy. 

Thanks so much for making Sally Hoffman Designs what it is today. Your loyalty and love are what keep me going.

Creating wonderful jewelry is my passion and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me. 

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