African Trade Bead Jewelry Collection

African Trade Bead Jewelry – who can not appreciate the boldness and color of these lovely beads? I enjoy seeing people wearing beautiful, colorful, chunky jewelry. If you tend to wear more subdued colors of clothing, like I do, these beads are just the topping on the cake! It doesn’t matter which one you select – it will lift your outfit from boring to fabulous in a quick few minutes. These beads will dress you up and take you out with little or no effort. Just adorn and smile and the rest will follow.

These stylish pieces of jewelry are 100% handmade using African trade beads(krobo beads), agger beads and amber beads.

African beads made by indigenous tribes and ethnic groups are most commonly referred to as African tribal beads. There are hundreds of different tribes and ethnic groups within Africa. Several of these tribes and their African tribal members are more commonly known for their beads. These beads are very old and beautiful. I love to use them in my jewelry because they add such character and color. They will often have slight flaws and are rarely identical in shape and size, adding to their uniqueness. 

The handcrafted jewelry comes in different color combination.

These are beautiful, colorful, designer creations and very limited quantities – some are one of a kind and will never be reproduced again.  These very vibrant colors will make your face smile, I guarantee it.

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