How you helped Sally Hoffman Designs become a reality


I was born into a family of creatives. As a small girl, I remember my mother creating beautiful doll houses complete with miniature furniture and gorgeous little dolls from the hollyhock flowers. She infused me with rich spirit and creative talent. My passion to learn and create continued to grow and today it shows through my work. I am innovative in the way I combine my beads and metals and addicted to enjoying my beautiful and productive studio, where my ideas become reality. I invite you to wear my jewelry with love.

~Sally Hoffman

CVO, Sally Hoffman Designs

My Journey

I am thrilled that everyone who wears Sally Hoffman Designs jewelry, knows they are getting a unique piece worthy of the next generation.

Before I officially created Sally Hoffman Designs, I was a business manager in a school district. I spent my evenings and weekends at work.

Then one day I retired from my day job and realized that I could create jewelry that would make people deliriously happy. 


I started creating jewelry for friends and family and I could not keep up with the demand – my heart was filled with love.

I decided I would set out to create authentic, praise worthy jewelry that would make people proud to wear Sally Hoffman Designs and they would tell all of their friends about it.

Sally Hoffman Designs was going to become the newest buzz word for the woman who loves to wear the beautiful • distinctive • unusual jewelry in town.

It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined.

I couldn’t find enough hours in the day or enough energy to produce the quality or quantity in demand. I needed to take a break and get organized – both my business life and my personal life were suffering. If success was going to be mine, I needed to kick butt and take names.


I spent the next few years enrolling in every business class, purchasing every jewelry making tutorial, attending every workshop related to jewelry and metal smithing that I could find. My biggest fear was that no one would like the jewelry that I was creating. I feared my customers wouldn’t come back and I was exhausted.

Through it all, I began releasing my first creations and the response has been epic. I have enjoyed pure love from everyone who sees and purchases my jewelry. The fun has just begun and I thank each and every one of my customers for continuing to be my biggest and most loyal fans – I love you and you ARE the heart and soul of what I do. 


A little peek into my summer studio – she is small but mighty